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Discover a new baseline for your costs

AI-Enabled financial analytics firm delivering cost savings in external spend for large Australian companies

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Most large organisations are only a few procurement adjustments away from saving 5%-10% in OPEX.

Based on our experience, the majority of industry leaders are facing:

  • Unexpected costs increases
  • Expensive project delays
  • Major wastage in expenditure

In large scale operations, procurement is immensely complex. Most people don’t even know what procurement is, let alone how to measure or improve its effectiveness.

Acquire Insights helps you understand where you’re leaking money and how to deal with it.

At Acquire Insights,
we provide:

OPEX reduction advisory

Make a big impact on your budget with 5-10 simple process adjustments.

AI-powered financial insights

Get empowered to have instant answers to complex financial questions and data points.

Outsourced procurement support

Rely on our complete support service for fail-safe procurement, on-time and worry-free.

Since 2015, Acquire Insights have helped:

We helped save BHP save $60 million in OPEX between 2016-2018.

We helped Newcrest avoid $21 million in project delay costs.

We instantly discovered $5 million of unnecessary OPEX with our AI-powered procurement software.



“What Acquire showed me was something that I’ve never seen before; a way to visualise where the trucks were moving, how much each truck was costing us, and how much each process was costing us. It enabled us to reduce costs by 70-80%.”

Hayden Reakes – Procurement Manager (Mining)

Don’t just meet budget, outperform your financial targets.

It’s almost certain that you’re leaking money without even realising how or where. In sizeable organisations, those leaks are incredibly hard to find.

With over 10 years helping companies reduce their costs, we know exactly where to look.

At Acquire Insights, you get complete insights and actionable steps to plug the leaks and surpass your financial goals.

How it works

Pin point source of leaks within 60 days

Review purchasing and contracting process using our experience and technology to identify source of opex budget leaks.

Make 5-10 procurement adjustments to regain control

Focus on key process and control adjustments that address the root cause of leaks.

Outperform targeted OPEX & unit costs by saving millions

Simple adjustments immediately stop the opex bleed – watch money pile up in your budget.

What to expect when you schedule an appointment

After just one initial discussion, you will walk away with:

  1. 3 questions you must take to your procurement team
  2. 1 immediate change you should deploy in 30 days
  3. The 1 number to know to justify your procurement spend

Become a pioneer
in cost efficiency.