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Get real facts about your costs in seconds, just by asking

AI-powered cost analytics for multi-site mining, utilities and transport organisations.

It’s impossible to make financial decisions when no one knows where your money is going.

Most large organisations have a visibility dilemma.

As a CFO, GM Operators or Projects, you need answers now. But gaining insights on finances is a manual process, often taking weeks, at which point the data might be out of date already!

It shouldn’t be that hard.

Our exclusive AI-Powered ‘Spend Insights’ gives you the visibility you need:

Get instant and accurate
interactive reports

Immediate answers to any of the financial questions you have to identify opportunities for cost savings.

Get organisation wide
financial analysis

Using ‘Spend Insights’, we combine and analyse all the organisations invoices, purchasing orders and contracts over multiple years, from multiple sources, in multiple formats. It cleans the data, organises it and connects it, allowing you to get detailed answers across the specifics you are interested in.

Get the confidence to make
multi-million dollar decisions

With the right answers to the right questions, you will have better control to make the right decisions.

Get answers faster than it takes to ask the question.

Too many organisations take weeks to get answers to even simple financial questions.

That is why Acquire Insights developed ‘Spend Insights’, an AI-Powered financial analytics technology.

It learns all your financial data and gives you accurate and instant insights to help you make better decisions.

How it works

Book a discovery call

We take the time to understand your organisational challenges, opportunities and how ‘Spend Insights’ could help.

We train the AI using your data

In just a month, we will have ‘Spend Insights’ up to date with all your data, including invoices, purchasing orders and contracts.

Access immediate insights

Make better decisions with all the information and insights at our fingertips.


AI Readiness &

Business case workshop

Validate the benefits and the organisations readiness to implement AI-Financials.

During a 4 hour workshop with your key stakeholders we will guide you through the process of validating your organisations ability to implement AI. After the workshop you will get:

  • AI-Financial Readiness Assessment
  • Business case for AI-Financials
  • Key risk & barrier register
  • AI-Enablement plan



Proof of concept

Prove to the wider organisation that AI is the way forward.

Within 12 weeks of receiving your data we will implement a fully functioning version of AI-Financials that you can test and gain feedback from your broader-team. You get:

  • Up to two years of your contract, PO, invoice, and supplier data loaded
  • Login-access within 4 weeks
  • Data cleaned, categorised, and connected within 12 weeks




Our annual service allows you to get real facts about your costs in seconds, just by asking.

We don’t just give you the software, we provide a full service that is enabled by our AI-Software. Through the year you get:

  • Access to real-time data
  • Continued AI training and improvements on your data
  • AI support specialist

from $60k / year

(typical cost is $150k – $250k / year)

Discover immediate cost improvements and
insights that are humanly impossible.