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Sail through your procurement process with no regrets

Fast-track procurement support to accelerate your major project.

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When you’re awarding a $100M+ contract there are a lot of stakeholders to manage.

Any one of them could hold you up.

Every day lost in the tendering process is another day added to the project duration.

We get it. Deep cost analysis takes time. You don’t want to rush the process and make poor choices that will have commercial and safety impacts for years to come.

But what if there was a way to achieve in 2 days what takes most companies weeks?

At Acquire Insights,
we provide:

AI-powered cost Analysis

Our exclusive Traaci software is your secret weapon in negotiations – it assesses tenders with speed to determine the best supplier and identify improvements to cost, and flag hidden risks.

Commercial advisory for
no regrets on outcome

We take a total project outcome-focused approach, it’s not just about making a ‘purchase’, but about getting you the best commercial outcome for your project for the long haul.

Support the whole process
with complete support

Our operationally experienced and technically qualified commercial & contracts specialists are well equipped to engage with all levels within your organisation to streamline the whole process from generating scopes through to onboarding chosen suppliers.

Case study

How Acquire Insights onboarded a whole project procurement team in Brisbane for a $6B mining project in PNG within 4 weeks.

Challenge: A new $6B joint venture between Newcrest Mining and Harmony Gold needed to quickly execute their procurement requirements as they were granted approval for their project in PNG.

Solution: Acquire Insights set up a new online tendering portal and team within 4 weeks and facilitated the tenders on more than 15 multi-million dollar tender packages.



“Working with Acquire was a really, really positive experience. The way they come in, understand your supply chain, break it down into bite-sized chunks, focus on the outcome that you’re trying to achieve, and not only challenge my thinking, but the team’s thinking.”

Grant Aitchison – General Manager – Projects (Mining)

Since 2015, Acquire Insights have helped:

We helped save BHP save $60 million in OPEX between 2016-2018.

We helped Newcrest avoid $21 million in project delay costs.

We instantly discovered $5 million of unnecessary OPEX with our AI-powered procurement software.

How it works

Schedule an appointment

We take the time to understand your project challenges, desired outcomes and timeframe.

We execute tenders
with speed

Our technology analyses tender submissions and we advise you on the best suppliers to choose for long term commercial outcomes.

Set your project up for success from the start

Make the right decisions with confidence based on our deep financial and qualitative analysis.




Enhance your team and accelerate your outcomes by leveraging the expertise of one of our seasoned Procurement Professionals in managing significant projects.

Ideal for those with an existing procurement and project management structure needing increased bandwidth.

  • Commercially focused Procurement Specialist with major project experience
  • Expert matched to your specific category and industry needs
  • Can start within weeks

$40k / month

Full Service Procurement

Delivery team

Leverage our experience delivering major projects to sail through the approval process with no regrets.

Ideal for those major projects with limited procurement capability. We drop in everything you need to deliver a programme of 6-10 typical packages.

  • Complete execution team:
    3 x Procurement Specialists,
    1 x Procurement Analyst,
    1 x Programme Director (1 day/week),
    1 x Programme Administrator
  • Access to our database of major project processes & tender templates
  • Our AI-Enabled Tender Analysis software (Traaci)

$190k / month

Purchasing decisions made at the start of a major project can have implications for decades to come.

Let Acquire Insights help you
make the right decisions.