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Rapid delivery of sustainable cost savings

AI-Enabled financial analytics firm delivering cost savings in external spend for large Australian companies spending over $500M p.a.


You only have to scratch the surface of your procurement process to find missed opportunities.

The unfortunate truth is that many procurement teams are more focused on getting tenders off their desk. Securing the best commercial outcomes is not their main priority.

When you expand this finding across the broader business, there is likely millions of dollars at stake.

What if there were just a few key adjustments that could be made to make this problem go away?

At Acquire Insights,
we provide:

Cost savings opportunities that other miss

We look beyond the procurement process to the actual business problem, allowing us to find up to 85% cost savings.

Quick wins to slash OPEX

We give you simple and fast process adjustments, with limited change management, to plug the leaks and surpass your financial goals.

Continued & bankable cost reduction

We reduce costs across the whole supply chain that you can take out of your budget. All while improving partnerships with suppliers to keep costs down for the long haul.

Since 2015, Acquire Insights have helped:

We helped save BHP save $60 million in OPEX between 2016-2018.

We helped Newcrest avoid $21 million in project delay costs.

We instantly discovered $5 million of unnecessary OPEX with our AI-powered procurement software.

You are only a few steps away from saving millions each month.

In just 5-10 simple adjustments we can help your organisation reduce costs.

Since 2015, Acquire Insights has helped large organisations outperform their financial targets with major cost improvements.

Get accurate insights and practical actions to plug the leaks.

How it works

Pin point source of leaks within 60 days

Review purchasing and contracting process using our experience and technology to identify source of opex budget leaks.

Make 5-10 procurement adjustments to regain control

Focus on key process and control adjustments that address the root cause of leaks.

Outperform targeted OPEX & unit costs by saving millions

Simple adjustments immediately stop the opex bleed – watch money pile up in your budget.



Contract diagnostic

Get immediate answers to your problems for a specific supply contract.

Using our structured commercial contracts diagnostic system, within 2 weeks you get a Report that:

  • Benchmarks your costs
  • Validates the commercial model
  • Confirms you are getting the right service level
  • Details key issues in your procurement process



Deep dive

Identify the maximum cost savings opportunities in a specific supply contract.

Using our “Supply by Design” process we reverse engineer your supply contract to uncover savings opportunities up to 85%.

  • List of potential other supply solutions
  • Quantify associated cost savings opportunities
  • Detailed implementation strategies with costs and timeline



Opportunity assessment

Identify and quantify opex reduction opportunities across all your contracts and supply arrangements.

Using our AI-Enabled costs interrogation software, we look across all your supply contracts, invoices, and purchases to identify cost saving opportunities. Within 12 weeks you get:

  • Prioritised list of cost savings opportunities & purchasing compliance issue
  • Ability to obtain cost savings
  • Cash flow plan to deliver cost savings

from $150k

Avoid budget blowouts
before it’s too late.